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Power lifting sports started in the year 1950 when  popularity of Olympic Weightlifting decline  in USA.

In the year 1958  AAU national Weightlifting Committee recognized Power lifting  sports & sanctioned these specific lifts in the form of CHAMPIONSHIP ( i.e SQUAT, BENCH PRESS & DEAD LIFT).

The 1st National Power lifting Championship was took place in the month of September , 1964 in USA . Since then with in 20 years POWER LIFTING MEET Being held around the World & Important countries were CANADA,UK,RUSSIA, UKRAINE.

After the United States and Great Britain started power lifting sports in  the year  1972 and after the event, a meeting attend by delegates from the participating nations was held on 11 November in Zembo Mosque, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in USA and the International Power lifting Federation (IPF) was formed .

The Asian Power lifting Federation (APF) was formed  in the year 1984. Asian Power lifting Federation is a member of the International Power lifting Federation (IPF), the governing body of Power lifting internationally. The IPF is comprised of member federations from 100+ countries on six continents. The organizations set standards for the competitions and exercises including the bench press,  squat and dead lift. Competitors were allowed three attempts for each exercise during  championships meet.

Asian Power lifting sanctions several International Championships in all age groups, giving athletes a chance to see how they fare play against competitors across the Asia.APF also organized Sub junior & junior Men & Women, Bench press, Asian Power lifting Championship, etc. events each year in many part of Asian Country .

Top competitors are selected by Asian Power lifting Federation to compete in several IPF World Championships- the World Men’s and Women’s Power lifting Championships, World Junior and Sub-Junior Power lifting Championships, World Master’s Power lifting Championships, the World Bench Press Championships, and World Master’s Bench Press Championships, Asian Championships & Also World Games.

Asian Power lifting Federation Organized many International events & following the rules  of the IPF . All the member nation  of APF regularly taking part in these championship.

Secretary  of Asian Power lifting Federation  Mr. Subrata Dutta  also bagged IPF most respected “HALL OF FAME” Award in the year 2008.

Mr. Hideaki Inaba a Japanese lifter was first got this Honor. In the year 1984 Mr. Manojit Bose form Indian official & Mr. Toni Sundjaja from Indonesian official in 1994 also Bagged this prestigious Honor from the International Power lifting Federation.

Asian Power lifting Federation also Honored Mr. Subrata Dutta twice  “HALL OF FAME”  Award in the year 2004 & 2008.

Many Asian countries started to Organized UNEQUIPPED Power lifting Championship in their country & as such ASIAN POWER LIFTING FEDERATION planning to host ASIAN CLASSIC (UNEQUIPPED) POWER LIFTING    CHAMPIONSHIP in  near future As IPF Classics Power lifting World Cup ( Unequipped) all ready organized   in SWEDEN in the Month of June 11-17th  2012

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